EasyCash Pro Features

EasyCash Pro wins the ease of use competition by miles. All transactions can be accessed from the one page making learning a breeze. This multi-currency accounting package handles the most complex business requirements without needing a degree to understand it.

Business owners and managers can understand what is happening in their business without needing to ask the accountant.

Bookkeepers rejoice in a faster data entry environment and Accountants are sad because their billing time is reduced.

Some of the features include;

  • Full Profit and Loss statements
  • Instant 3 year comparison for sales and/or profit & loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • General Ledger Transactions Report
  • Cashbook payments and receipts
  • BAS Report for the entire business
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Creditor and Aged Creditor Reports
  • Debtor and Aged Debtor Reports
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Automated Journal entries for stock control
  • Ability to manage multiple bank accounts
  • Powerful & easy to use password system
  • Ability to link in with a Payroll Package